“Memories Are Truths We Have Chosen”

Soft Inheritance

“Soft Inheritance, C.E. O’Grady’s debut novel, is a taut tale of compelling twists, deftly blending enlightening historical backdrops piqued with unforgettable characters. She landmarks her place in the literary world, presenting a touching, funny, and surprising thrill ride into the history and heart of a doomed man.” -A.D.

Chamberlainscreenshot-68 Shay inherited his ancestors’ memories.Two thousand years of shipwrecks, brothels, war, romance, and gore are crammed into the spirals of his DNA. The memories bring Chamberlain notoriety as a historian and fame as an author, but they are destroying his mind. Chamberlain’s ability to distinguish his own life from the tangle of his relatives’ is growing weak.

Embarking on a synapses-bending ride through the harrowing history of his family, Chamberlain searches desperately for the cause of his mother’s death and struggles with the tug of a love he desperately needs but must deny.